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Who we work with

Over the years we have developed strong relationships with some of the largest companies in Yorkshire and we are proud that they continue to come back to us year after year. Our clients include some of Hull and East Yorkshire’s top design agencies, museums, tourism authorities, pharmaceutical companies and sporting clubs.


We offer a wide range of services to help our corporate clients present the best they can to their customers. We provide expert scanning and retouching as well as in-house cutting and creasing of brochures, magazines and other marketing material. We can cover all aspects of print finishing with our ‘no compromise on quality’ guarantee.


Our retail clients require fast production that is done to certain specifications and the highest value for money. As a printing company, we know that the retail industry changes on a day to day basis so moving quickly and efficiently is key.

We will provide you with a fast track quote so you can decide if working with us is best for your business. In addition, we’ll send your proofs electronically so you can focus your time on getting products out the door. We’ll even keep your prints in stock for fast delivery when you need it.

Leisure and Tourism

Our customers in the Leisure and Tourism industry require many levels of promotional material that will appeal to a wide variety of audiences. This is why we have an extensive royalty-free photographic library available to use whenever needed.

Card Retailers

We offer a complete service to card retailers to help them deliver their greeting cards to customers all over the country. We at GKD understand that card retailers need to rely on those who understand their business. This is why we provide flexible quantities of stock, expert reprographics, packing, finishing, warehousing and even distribution services to meet the daily demand for their products.

The Arts

The beauty of art on canvas should be equally appreciated in a print form. This is why we operate a ‘no compromise on quality’ policy guaranteeing that we will only do the highest level of scanning on excellent paper stocks to superb printing and finishing.

We have experience in a huge variety of paper stock and in fine screens that enhance the quality of the art itself. We provide six colour and hexachrome printing plus in-line varnishing and sealing. Whatever you need printed you can bet it will be a work of art!


Publishers need to be able to control costs while producing top quality material for their readers. We control all of the artwork and everything is done in-house to ensure that costs are kept at a minimum. In addition, we will send you pdf’s of the designs to proof and turnaround our work quickly and efficiently. GKD works with all variety of media and formats and we can help with typesetting and proof reading. If you need mailing lists and mailsort we can help with that too.

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